Progress on the new CD

Well… think we’ve got the recording of 11 songs done.  We might do a 12th tune, and there was another written in the process, that we may still record.  Soon as we OK all the versions, we can start mixing and mastering (probably after the holidays).  Here’s a (tentative) track list (not in order):
Sisters of the Agiel
Father of Invention
Seven Stones
Terra Incognita
Two Tomorrows
Up From the Ashes
Highway 5
Bible Black
Deep Blue

PS: Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the improvised disc we released this week.  Info in the post below.

New Improvised Disc, “Tsunami Jams” Available

Ohm Tsunami Jams front cover

Fans interested in the new disc “Tsunami Jams” can contact our manager Steve Bauer.  It is a disc of improvised jams recently done over two days in our studio.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. The Box
2. The Grandstand Play
3. Fools Die Twice
4. Twenty – Four Karat Kill
5. Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart
6. No Bottles… No Cans… No People
7. A Thousand Pardons – You’re Dead!

Update on S&H:  Just got a note from Steve Bauer: Shipping costs are a little different.  Domestic US – $6.98 + $0.55 (only if using paypal to cover our fee) + $2 S/H (First Class)

Worldwide – $6.98 + $1.25 (only if using paypal to cover our fee) + $5 S/H (First Class International).  Email Steve at:

The disc will be up on CDBaby, iTunes, etc shortly, but for now you can get it from Steve.

New Ohm shirts to be available soon!

Ohm at the Baked Potato next week!

Gig at the Baked Potato, 9ish PM on 11-20-12.  Doors at 730.  Two sets.  Not only is this reason for holiday celebration, we will (likely) have discs of the new improvised sessions for sale! It’s called “Tsunami Jams”, and the only place available until we figure out what else to do with it. Come and support the band, the Spud, and live music in general.

New Improvised Ohm Disc!

News! We’ve been a little cagey about this, but since we got the master disc and artwork from our friend Donny Sarian (, we can announce that we’ve recorded a disc of improvised Ohm! If you go to the Iridium show it will be available (we’re getting them two days before), and will also have them at a Baked Potato show that is probably the day we get the disc. Though not meant to be an Ohm record “proper”, while recording the disc we’re working on, we had fun recording some improvs that came out pretty good. It’s called “Tsunami Jams”, and David Eagle, Pag, and CP pull off some pretty cool stuff. We hope to eventually make it available by mail order as well. Track list: 1. The Box, 2. The Grandstand Play, 3. Fools Die Twice, 4. Twenty-Four Karat Kill, 5. Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart, 6. No Bottles… No Cans… No People, 7. A Thousand Pardons- You’re Dead!

CP Doing Studio Work

From CPs manager, Steve Bauer: “Chris is available for all sorts of studio sessions; nothing is to big or too small.
Chris has been contributing to everything from metal to even trance-type stuff.  Prices are very reasonable and this is a chance to make your recording sound like no other with CP’s instantaneously identifiable, classy guitar playing.”  If you want to get in touch with Steve, he’s at: