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  1. Any chance of an official OHM DVD release anytime soon? We are BIG fans out here in the Midwest / Chicago area. Would LOVE to see you guys come through with some shows here. Very, VERY amazed with your music. Everyone I turn OHM onto is an instant fan … everyone!. Keep up the great work … LOVE IT!!!

    • Hey Thomas… When we talked at the Baked Potato last week, CP and I were discussing getting into the studio in the next week or two. We’re having some gear worked on, and that’s been the most recent holdup. That said, the hope is to get on that before we get on with a DVD. There will be some Polcat shows your way next month though!

      • Pre-ordered the Polcat cd. McLovin that too! Awesome, I’ll keep my eyes open for any upcoming shows this way … Thanks Petar!

  2. Attn: Chris P…I am a guitar hobby’ist who recently had(5-6 weeks ago) a hockey injury that has damaged my pinky finger of my fret hand. I am unable to bend my finger at the bottom knuckle. I don’t know the whole story, but I am aware of your damaged index finger of your fret hand. Any pointers you can give me to rehab? How long was it until you felt you were able to play aggressively after your injury? What were the biggest challenges? Any info would be awesome!!! Thanks, Glenn

    • Will ask CP if he can swing by and answer Glenn, but can tell you his finger is bent permanently at the distal (closest to the end of the finger) knuckle, and he sort of… plays around it, so to speak. Great question, and hope he can get to it.

    • Hey Thomas- guessing you’ve heard Praxis. Bootsy, Bucket, Brain, and Bernie. The first two discs are really good. Bill Laswell projects. Nice thinking dude!

      • Thanks for the reply Petar … Yes, I’m a huge Buckethead fan and have just about everything he’s got out there (last seen live July 2011 in Boulder, CO) Awesome show! Also have all of CP’s collection. Unfortunately have not seen Chris except for the early Megadeth days (Clash of the Titans tour). Eagerly waiting for any more midwest venues. Sorry, I did not make the Chicago – Polcat show (Damn it! Still kicking myself). Anyway, just when I listen closely to how these two guys play and realize how both are so dynamic, extraordinary guitar virtuoso performers – ever collaborating a project – I think it would truly explode & blow a lot of people’s minds. Think about it … maybe run it by Chris. It’s not that farfetched especially since their both based out of California. Thanks!

        • Bucket is not terribly far from us- would dig seeing that project (and I could even beg to work on it!). Maybe Steve is reading this and could work something out. *fingers crossed* Apparently all the Polcat shows came off great- I wasn’t able to go to the Chicago shows, but the ones out here were great performances. Thanks for the idea and the support.

  3. Petar,
    I was looking for Ohm on my facebook and cannot find the band’s page anymore. I’m a huge fan of the band and wanted to see what’s new and I’m eagerly awaiting news on their new studio release with David Eagle back in the fold. Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks

  4. I’m really interested in listening to this “Tsunami Jams”, will it be available somewhere to purchase or even a few samples to hear?

    p.s. Come to Toronto!

    • Hey Dan- check the home page! Disc available. Also, as for Toronto, would dig getting to come to Canada. Can’t do anything until we finish the disc of new tunes though…

  5. Please come to San Diego soon, Chris and OHM, we’d love to see you here.

    Hope you can get back to me at this message/email, I’ve been trying hard to emulate your unique blues/legato style and I hope I meet you and we can discuss some tips to make me a better guitar player. You rule.

    Thank you,

    Mario Lovio

  6. Hey,

    Just wondering how the new album is coming along, looking forward to hearing it! Hope things are going good with you guys.

    Take care,


    • Sorry it took a minute, Dan. We just got back in the studio last night, got some sounds, new gear (lots) up and running. We hope to start making it happen tonight. Appreciate you all hanging in there with us. :)

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