David Eagle

David Eagle

    David has been a percussionist, not only a drummer, for many different groups and artists.  Frank Zappa famously defined music as “Decorating time with sound.”.  Applying this definition to David Eagle, he has provided the framework for tours and recordings for Tina Turner, Alphonso Johnson, Oingo Boingo, Jan Akkermanm, Willie Bobo, Reeves Gabrels, Gary Hoey, the Italian artists Ricardo Cocciante, Perigeo, Rino Gaetano, and the Czech artist Milos Dolezal.

David has also authored and taught on three instructional videos, “Drum Basics”, “Learn To Play Drums”, and “Start Me Playing Drums” in addition to being the drummer for OHM.

2 thoughts on “David Eagle

  1. Hey Boss! Long time no see! Need a roadie?? LOL Good times! Good to see you are still pounding the buckets! What ever happenend to that PVC pipe drum you made, still have it? Interesting to see you made instructional vids. I can think of no one better to do it. I still brag about my time setting up your kit, 28 peices and all. How many times did we play Wongs West anyway, lol. Take care buddy!

    If you ever come up to Boise ID Please let me know I would love to see YOU!


    • Tom. Great to hear from you. Boise Hah? How’s the weather? They say, “If you can remember those days, you probably weren’t there.” We do…and we were. You were a loyal, supportive friend and obviously still are… I played Madame Wong’s a slew of times–including with OINGO BOINGO. Did you set up Guy Mann-Dude? I think I tossed that 4-foot-long PVC drum–hastle.

      Yeah, I’m having a blast playing with OHM. These guys are the best as people and players.

      Hope to see you sometime.

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