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Debut release, OHM:

Track listing:

1.  Peanut Buddha

2.  Where’s My Hat?

3.  Id

4.  Love Song

5.  Came to Believe

6.  Between Us

7.  Iguana

8.  Sister Cheryl

9.  Brandenburg Gate

10.  Bastille Day

11.  Mountain

12.  Search for the Suicide King

13.  OHMage


Chris Poland– guitar, executive producer

Robertino Pagliari– bass

David Eagle– drums and percussion

Engineering/co-production- Petar Sardelich

Mastering- Randy Pevler

Album art- Donny Sarian

Album Notes:

Recorded over several months in 2001 and 2002, released in 2003 originally on Lion Records, then on Black Note.  All drums and percussion were recorded in single passes, without editing.  This was OHMs first recording at their home base, Glass House Studios in downtown Los Angeles.

Live on KPFK:

Track listing:

1.  Intro/Mark Torres

2.  Terra Incognita

3.  Came to Believe

4.  Photograph

5.  Peanut Buddha

6.  Icarus Falls

7.  You Don’t Know

8.  Iguana

9.  Tara

10.  Id

11.  Where’s My Hat?

12.  Outro/Mark Torres

13.  KSPC Intro/T. Palcovic

14.  Jam at Tony’s

15.  KSPC Outro


Chris Poland– guitar, executive producer

Robertino Pagliari– bass

Kofi Baker- drums

Engineering/production, tracks 2 thru 11- Petar Sardelich

Engineering/production, tracks 13 thru 15- Tony Palcovic and Chris Poland

Engineering/production, tracks 1 and 12- Mark Torres

Liner notes by Petar Sardelich

Album art- Donny Sarian

Cover photos- Nathan Ian Bradley

Album notes:

OHM was asked to perform and interview live on Los Angeles’ KPFK.  With friends/partners in crime Scott Menzies, George Grenier helping in studio, CPs wife Allison and friend Mike Dogherty in the audience, the band played live on the air in between station ID breaks from Mark Torres on his long-running show “Travel Tips from Atzlan”.  A live mix was sent by Petar to the booth, broadcast on the air.  The last three tracks on the record came from Tony Palcovics’ fusion show in Claremont, California… a live jam with a tip of the hat to Jimi Hendrix, also broadcast live on the air.

Amino Acid Flashback:

Track listing:

1.  Da Vinci

2.  Tara

3.  Williams’ Amino Acid Flashback

4.  What If…

5.  Joog In Da Boot

6.  Compass of the Heart

7.  Icarus Falls

8.  Rooms of Telemetry

9.  Skint

10.  Spun

11.  Tattoo


Chris Poland– guitar

Robertino Pagliari– bass

Kofi Baker- drums

Engineering- Petar Sardelich

Production- Chris Poland and Petar Sardelich

Mastering- Nancy Matter at Moonlight Mastering

Album art- Donny Sarian

Photos- Richie “The One True Mayor of Pasadena” Rodriguez

Album notes:

The first release done on Black Note Records, with Kofi Baker (son of the famed Ginger Baker from Cream) on the drum throne.  This record was a combination of new and old, as the liner notes suggest.  Much light and darkness in the lives of all those concerned, reflected in the colors of the music.  “Tara”, and “Tattoo” were long part of the OHM set.  “Spun” inspired by a movie, “Joog” a tongue-in-cheek title from some of our Armenian fans, “Williams'” by a friend, “Rooms of Telemetry” by a tragic loss in the family.  Released in 2005, also recorded at Glass House Studios.

Circus of Sound:

Track listing:

1.  Fun House

2.  System of a Clown

3.  Photograph

4.  Circus of Sound

5.  Point Omega

6.  Abracadabra

7.  The Shortest Straw

8.  The Black Hand

9.  You Don’t Know

10.  Steps From Home

11.  Mr. Brown (for James Brown

12.  DD 214

13.  Leap of Faith

14.  Pans’ Plan


Chris Poland– guitar, executive producer

Robertino Pagliari– bass

Joel Taylor- drums on tracks 1-3

Frank Briggs- drums on tracks 4-7

Kofi Baker- drums on tracks 8-14

Engineering- Petar Sardelich and Chris Poland

Additional engineering on bass tracks- Ric Fierabracci

Mixing- Ralph Patlan, Chris Poland, Petar Sardelich

Mastering- Brian Lucey

Album art direction and graphic design- Donny Sarian

Cover art- Kate Hargraves

Inside photos- Mike Sherry

Album notes:

Now having moved to Tone Center/Shrapnel, this record emerges with arguably the most diverse songwriting from the band to date.  Again with a couple of old songs getting their first doses of studio treatment (“Photograph”, “Point Omega”, and the fantastic “You Don’t Know”), there are ballads, space blues, funk, movie soundtrack tunes, a jig, and of course, fusion.  Not a “Frankenstein” record by intention, but an honest expression of what was happening at the time.  “DD 214″ for veterans past and present, reflective of the tragedy of armed conflict.  “Mr. Brown”, written the day after the passing of James Brown, who died on Christmas (and incidentally, Rod Serlings’ birthday).  “You Don’t Know” finally makes it to the studio, after been played all the way back when Koko Bermejo was playing drums- a gorgeous tune that has long been part of the live set.  Released in 2008.


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