Ohm/Nik Turner (and more) Disc!

First, thanks to our friends at Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles for the mentions…

Ohm with Hawkwind disc recorded, and short interview with CP!
Guess the word is out then. We recorded this a couple of weeks ago. Rumored that not only will Nik Turner be on the disc (Hawkwind), but heard Ray Manzarek, maybe someone from Roxy Music, and others will be on it as well. Sessions went off great, 3 days of recording. The crew played their asses off of course. Looking forward to what Nick and the rest lay down on top of it… thanks to Metal Tim Henderson for the post.

3 thoughts on “Ohm/Nik Turner (and more) Disc!

  1. Hmmmm, this is interesting, but i fear not for the right reasons

    Bravewords does not appear to take comments so i’ll leave mine here.

    As a longtime fan of both Hawkwind and Megadeth i was interested to read the article, however i feel that someone, somewhere is at best a bit misguided –

    “But we just finished a project with HAWKWIND, you know, the late ‘60s band? Basically, Adam Hamilton came in and we used my studio, and it came out really good. So they’re going to send those tapes to England, and the sax player… they approached us to do it, and they said, ‘We just want you to jam,’ and it’s kind of a concept on each song, and see what happens, and that’s what we did.”

    couple of points here, first off whilst Hawkwind did indeed form in the late 60’s they are still going strong today, playing sold out shows to adoring fans mainly in the UK and Europe, however what is even more dis-concerting is the mention of the sax player, i presume whoever wrote this is referring to Nik Turner, who has not been a member of Hawkwind for over 30 years!!!!!

    someone needs to get their facts right i think

    • You’re on it Leon… the interview and post just both poorly worded/miscommunication on our part. The emails going back and forth were being labeled Ohm/Hawkwind, much of the discussions about it had also been in that context, but is indeed only Nik Turner from Hawkwind. Apologies for the clumsiness, appreciate the correction.

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