Progress on the new CD

Well… think we’ve got the recording of 11 songs done.  We might do a 12th tune, and there was another written in the process, that we may still record.  Soon as we OK all the versions, we can start mixing and mastering (probably after the holidays).  Here’s a (tentative) track list (not in order):
Sisters of the Agiel
Father of Invention
Seven Stones
Terra Incognita
Two Tomorrows
Up From the Ashes
Highway 5
Bible Black
Deep Blue

PS: Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the improvised disc we released this week.  Info in the post below.

4 thoughts on “Progress on the new CD

  1. You’re bringing Terra Incognita back? There’s a one letter difference between the song title on Chasing The Sun and the one on the new album, but I can’t wait to see how Ohm renders the song if it’s at least similar.

    • Hey Jonathan… I don’t remember us releasing Terra Incognita before, and looked at both versions of Chasing the Sun I have to check my head, and don’t see it. Sometimes stuff gets released with a bonus track though, and this is how I find out! ;-p Whatever the thing, it’s been a staple of the live show since the Koko Bermejo years (if memory serves). We actually did a mix of it for the record and another thing we’re working on this week. I’m digging it. Hope you guys will too. :)

  2. Terra Incognita is on Live on KPFK at least–one of so many great Ohm tracks. Another outstanding piece, unnamed but from the upcoming album, was played at the Iridium. Which of the above was it?

    Really looking forward to the new disc.

    • Greetings Greg. Don’t think we have the setlist around. Went through the tracklist again, and all the ones listed are getting played live now, so could be any of them. May not be able to help you figure out which one, but did just get a message from CP- have to call him back to figure out when we can start mixing. I encouraged putting it off a month so that he could get settled in his new house before we took it on. Hope to get the disc in your hands soon.

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