New Improvised Disc, “Tsunami Jams” Available

Ohm Tsunami Jams front cover

Fans interested in the new disc “Tsunami Jams” can contact our manager Steve Bauer.  It is a disc of improvised jams recently done over two days in our studio.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. The Box
2. The Grandstand Play
3. Fools Die Twice
4. Twenty – Four Karat Kill
5. Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart
6. No Bottles… No Cans… No People
7. A Thousand Pardons – You’re Dead!

Update on S&H:  Just got a note from Steve Bauer: Shipping costs are a little different.  Domestic US – $6.98 + $0.55 (only if using paypal to cover our fee) + $2 S/H (First Class)

Worldwide – $6.98 + $1.25 (only if using paypal to cover our fee) + $5 S/H (First Class International).  Email Steve at:

The disc will be up on CDBaby, iTunes, etc shortly, but for now you can get it from Steve.

New Ohm shirts to be available soon!

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