CP, Pag, and David Eagle at NAMM

Here’s the info about where you can find the guys at NAMM this year:
Jan 25 @ 12 pm

Chris, Pag, and David jam at the Floyd Rose Booth

Jan 25 @ 2 pm

Chris, Pag, and David jam at the Eminence Speakers Booth.  Chris will also be demoing a new speaker the company has developed as part of a press introduction.

Ohm at the Baked Potato- NAMM week!

Well waddiya know–OHM–the band you love to love & hate to miss, will be back at The Baked Potato a second time this month. Wednesday, January 22.

That twisted band they call the “#1 Fusion Band in LA,” featuring Chris Poland, Robbie ‘Pag’ Pagliari & David Eagle, looks forward to seeing you.
Shows are at 9:00-ish & 11:00-ish.

And remember: WE SWEAT FOR YOU SINS (almost, no matter how bad).

You can (and we’d recommend- will sell out) purchase tickets here.