Ohm at the Iridium, NYC!

East coasters!  Come see the crew at the Iridium, Friday, November 23rd.  If we have enough folk there, we’ll surely get asked back.  There’s also the possibility of a cool surprise for you at the gig, that I can’t really announce yet, only tease.  For all those that’ve hit us up for gigs out there, now’s your chance!  The Iridium site is here.

CP Doing Studio Work

From CPs manager, Steve Bauer: “Chris is available for all sorts of studio sessions; nothing is to big or too small.
Chris has been contributing to everything from metal to even trance-type stuff.  Prices are very reasonable and this is a chance to make your recording sound like no other with CP’s instantaneously identifiable, classy guitar playing.”  If you want to get in touch with Steve, he’s at:  smb9733@yahoo.com